Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Blue Medallion locations

Just like in the original game, Resident Evil 4 Remake has plenty of side activities for players to do in the form of requests. One of them being the hunt for blue medallions.

Completing these will fetch players Spinels which can be traded for useful items like weapons from the Merchant. Here’s how to complete the blue medallion requests. 

Farm (5 medallions) 

  • When you first arrive at the farm, the first building you will see is the shed with the typewriter inside. The blue medallion will be hanging near the rear exterior of the building. 
  • The second medallion should be hanging from a window on the second story of the biggest barn. 
  • The third medallion will be inside the barnyard, behind one of the pillars. You could also shoot it from outside, from the rear window of the cowshed. 
  • While in the barn, head to the smaller barn (pigeon) and look up. The medallion will be just above one of the wooden beams that go across the ceiling. 
  • The fifth and final medallion will be under the wooden pathway surrounding the windmill. The medallion will be right under the part with the broken guard rail. Head to the upper floor of the barn to shoot the medallion. 

Quarry and Fish Farm (5 medallions)

  • You will see a way shrine while traversing the quarry tunnels. When you look upwards, you will see a scaffolding-like structure made of wooden sticks and boards, from which a blue medallion will be hanging. 
  • At the Lakeshore where the boat you will board is located. Climb down to the ground level, move to the right, and aim under the boardwalk and you should see a blue medallion. 
  • In the fish farm, after you fight the brute, a blue medallion will be inside the shack with the typewriter and a barrel with worn-out yellow paint. 
  • To get the fourth medallion, go to the shed with the generator where you collect the boat fuel. Exit the building, and turn left to get to the chest that holds Hexagon piece B. While standing in front of the chest face the opposite direction to spot the blue medallion. 
  • The fifth medallion will be hanging from the southern wall of the fish farm. The wooden wall is missing a horizontal plank through which u can shoot the medallion. 

Castle (6 medallions) 

  • The first medallion will be at the northern part of the castle, hanging next to the northern wall surrounding the castle. 
  • The second medallion will be hanging from inside the window frame above the archway of the open room in the northern area. It’s the same place where you see the enemy with the parasite when you first walk through the castle gate. 
  • To find the third medallion, while you are in the northern part of the castle, go to the northwestern corner and look next to the treasure chest.
  • The fourth medallion is located on the southern side of the castle gate area. There will be a ruined shrine-like structure adjacent to the castle’s southern ledge. It’s situated near the window of the shrine that overlooks the exterior of the map. Approach from the right and you will see the medallion hanging there.
  • Head to the room where you need to demolish the boulder obstruction to access the cannon. Aim your weapon towards the western part of the room at ground level to shatter the obstacle and reveal the fifth medallion.
  • To get to the sixth medallion, head to the southwestern corner of the map, outside the castle gate. You will see a ladder in the middle of the area. Climb up the ladder, stand on the balcony, and aim and move your camera to the southwest. You will see a tree with the medallion hanging from it. To the left of the tree will be a staircase and to the right will be a tower. 

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Grand Hall (6 medallions)

  • Upon entering the main hall, look right at the foyer located just before the merchant’s torch. You will find the first medallion near the top. 
  • To get the second medallion head to the far east of the castle hall where the chimera statue is located. There will be a pillar to the right of the statue. Behind the top rear of the pillar will be a medallion. 
  • The third medallion will be hidden inside the chandelier hanging in the grand hall. Go to the upper floor of the hall and walk around the chandelier until you get a clear shot. 
  • The fourth medallion will be situated in the gallery where the Zealot Leader first appears. Go to the southern corner and face the entrance you came from to find the medallion. 
  • The fifth medallion can be found in the armory area where you fight the knights. Face the southern side of the place and aim up above the parapet. Inside the alcove where Ashely stands will be the medallion. You could also go there before dropping into the armory. 
  • The sixth medallion will be in the dining hall. It will be in between the red curtains of the window near the portraits. 

Cargo Depot (5 medallions) 

  • The first medallion will be to the right in the distance, as soon as you enter the Depot from the merchant’s hideout. 
  • The second medallion can be found after you drop down the broken staircase. After you fight the enemies face left and look up to see the medallion in the crane gantry. You could also turn around just before you drop down the staircase and look to the gantry to see the medallion. 
  • The third medallion will be on a red container on your way to the main staircase where you fight the first couple of Ganados. The container will be in the southern corner of the area. 
  • The fourth medallion will be in the area of the main corridor where the Ganados charge from. The medallion will be behind a bunch of stacked crates with bags inside, on the right.
  • To shoot the fifth medallion, go up the stairs that take you from the cargo depot area to the main area. Immediately when you reach the top look back and left to find the medallion hanging from the water tower. 

Cliffside Ruins (5 medallions) 

  • As soon as the helicopter is destroyed and you kill the Novistadors, descend from the ladder in the ruined building in front of you. Once you reach the bottom room, look through the window on the far right to see rocks. Among those rocks, you should see the second medallion. 
  • Make your way back to the surface and move along the path toward the Stronghold. If you position Leon carefully, you can peer through a hole in the wall behind the ladder that you previously ascended and shoot the Blue Medallion located there. 
  • The third medallion will be hanging right near the entrance to the underground passage. 
  • The fourth medallion will be hanging on the tower above the specimen storage building. Aim at the top of the tower and you will see a medallion in between the windows. 
  • The final medallion will be among the scaffolding directly below the burning roof. 

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