Roto Force tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Roto Force is a fast-paced bullet-hell game developed by Accidentally Awesome.

It has eye-catching pixelated graphics and a unique level layout that helps it stand out in the saturated genre.

The game can be challenging for beginners so here are a few tips and tricks. 

Memorize enemy patterns

Roto Force will throw various types of enemies at you throughout the game, and all of them have unique attack patterns.

Flying enemies usually gather in the middle of the arena before attacking, and ground-based enemies will come at you from different directions.

Bosses, on the other hand, have far more complex movesets, but they too follow a pattern that can be learned.

To deal effectively with each enemy, knowing their attack patterns is absolutely vital.

So, make sure to pay attention to enemies and memorize their attack patterns.

Take out ground-based enemies first

As mentioned above, Roto Force will throw a whole bunch of enemies at you, and one of the best ways to deal with hordes of enemies is by prioritizing your targets.

In situations where you’re being attacked by both ground and aerial enemies, your first instinct may be to attack the aerial ones first as they pose a bigger threat, but it is, in fact, the opposite.

While you’re focused on the aerial ones, you can get overwhelmed by the ground-based enemies and meet your demise.

So instead, take out the ground enemies first and then deal with the aerial ones, as you will be able to avoid their attacks with more ease.

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Take out enemy projectiles

There are many layers to Roto Force’s combat despite its simple design.

While dodging and shooting are the bread and butter of the game, there’s another ingredient that you may not have known about that can transform the combat if you get the hang of it.

That is the ability to destroy enemy projectiles.

Roto Force, being a bullet-hell game, will constantly have a ton of projectiles being hurled towards you (especially if you’re fighting a boss).

In such cases, if you’re unable to dodge the attacks, know that you can take out the projectile by shooting at them.

To effectively pull this off, you will need a gun with a high fire rate, as slower guns won’t be able to keep up with faster projectiles.

Choose the right weapon

Having the right weapon in Roto Force is monumental for emerging victorious in your battles.

The demo version of the game has two main types: Rapid Shot and Homing Shot.

Homing Shot, as you may have guessed, seeks out enemies and attacks them.

Weapons of this type will not require you to aim and are, therefore, the easier option for beginners.

Rapid Shot is your standard bullet-hell gun with a high fire rate, but it will require you to aim at enemies before shooting, which can be harder for beginners.

However, in later parts of the game, Rapid Shot weapons become far more useful than Homing Shot weapons, so you should get good at using them nonetheless.

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