SOULS tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

SOULS is an idle RPG developed by Habby for Android.

Its stylized 3D graphics set it apart from other idle RPGs, but those who enjoy the genre will feel right at home with this one.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help new players. 

Do not ignore limited-time events 

Limited-time events, as the name suggests, last for a limited period of time during which you can earn many rewards and items by participating in them.

These events often come and go in SOULS, but each time they will offer different kinds of rewards, so make sure to exploit them. 

The prizes include things like new equipment, heroes, etc.

To participate in these events you simply need to click on the “Limited Event” button which can be found in the events tab in the main menu. 

Have a balanced team

Having great equipment and heroes are important, but none of them will mean anything if you have an imbalanced team.

Five heroes is the max capacity of a team in SOULS, so make sure to have at least one hero of each role (tank, damage-dealer, healer). 

You are free to fill the remaining spots with any type of hero you wish, but it’s generally a good idea to have at least another support character, preferably someone who can provide your team with defensive or offensive buffs. 

Having an imbalanced team where the overwhelming majority of the heroes fall into the same role is a great way to lose battles.

Teamwork is essential in SOULS so make sure to have a balanced team that compliments each other’s abilities. 

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Complete daily and weekly quests 

Daily and weekly quests are one of the many forms of content you can participate in SOULS.

Similar, to the aforementioned limited-time events, daily and weekly quests also offer great rewards, granted you complete them. 

You will be rewarded with gems for each challenge you complete and with a bonus reward when you complete all of them.

The bonus rewards are usually something like a great number of gems or gold, but if you’re lucky you may get Magic Stone chests and Summon Stones as well. 

Other tips

Journey mode is the best way to level up quickly.

Upgrade your heroes with the highest potential first. 

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