Whiteout Survival tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Whiteout Survival is an idle survival and management sim developed by Century Games for Android.

It has intricate mechanics that will require you to juggle many different things at once and the progression system, while straightforward can be overwhelming for newer players to the genre.

So here are a few tips and tricks to help them get started. 

Never keep any workstation unoccupied

One of the best ways to earn resources and rewards in Whiteout Survival is through the structures/buildings you have set up.

These buildings will consistently produce resources for you to collect.

However for them to generate these resources they require workers.

So, make sure to keep all the workstations available occupied as it will yield the most amount of resources in the fastest time possible. 

Additionally, make sure to regularly upgrade the shelter as it will give you access to more survivors to employ. 

Upgrade the furnace first

Furnaces are central to every other form of progression in Whiteout Survival.

Upgrading the furnace will essentially give you access to more rewards, missions, etc making it vital for progressing through the game.

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Look after the survivors

As mentioned previously, survivors are required in Whiteout Survival to produce resources consistently.

However, merely keeping the workstations filled won’t be the end of your responsibilities.

The survivors need to be taken care of for them to work efficiently.

If you fail to do so the rate at which they work will slow down and in the worst-case scenario they will be unable to work at all. 

Taking care of your survivors includes managing things like warmth, fullness, etc.

They are simple enough to manage but can be overlooked sometimes.

Other tips

Always complete daily missions as they give you the most rewards. 

Pick a better meal in the cookhouse menu to increase your survivors’ fullness. 

Claim your system rewards. 

Whiteout Survival only accumulates resources for up to 12 hours so be sure to collect them before that. 

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