The Forever Winter: Everything we know about the game

The Forever Winter emerges as a tactical survival horror shooter developed by Fun Dog Studios, a company formed by industry veterans.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world overshadowed by massive war machines locked in endless conflict, the game introduces a co-op experience where squads must navigate the treacherous landscape, looting the dead to survive​​​​.

Development and team

Fun Dog Studios, the developer behind The Forever Winter, is comprised of seasoned AAA gaming veterans with a remote work model, fostering collaboration and playtesting regardless of geographical constraints.

The studio’s commitment to creative independence is evident in its approach to game development, aiming to bring back the spirit of innovation and risk-taking​​.

Gameplay and mechanics

The Forever Winter is described as a co-op tactical survival horror shooter, where players must band together to survive in a world dominated by gargantuan war machines.

The game emphasizes looting and survival tactics, offering a unique blend of PvE and looter shooter elements set within a third-person perspective.

Character customization, gun customization, and a focus on difficult, team-based tactical gameplay are key features​​​​.

Inspirations and influences

The game draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including Japanese manga artists, the Russian film Dead Man Splinters, and anime like Ghost in the Shell.

Its creative director, Miles Williams, mentions influences from graphic novels, particularly noting a tone that combines nihilism with charm reminiscent of works like Fight Club and Frank Miller’s narratives​​.

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Community response

The announcement of The Forever Winter has sparked discussions within the gaming community, particularly around its co-op only gameplay.

Some players express concern over the game’s focus on online co-op, fearing potential issues with player base sustainability and server longevity.

Others are curious about the game’s system requirements and whether it will offer a single-player mode or rely solely on live service elements​​.

Looking forward

With a closed beta announced for March, The Forever Winter is gearing up for an early look at its gameplay and mechanics.

This period will likely offer valuable insights into how Fun Dog Studios plans to balance the game’s survival horror elements with tactical shooter gameplay.

As the game progresses towards its launch, further details on gameplay trailers, specific mechanics, and player feedback will be crucial in shaping its final form​​​​.

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