The Last of Us Part 1: Tips and tricks you need to know

Naughty Dog’s zombie action-adventure masterpiece The Last of Us Part 1 has finally come to PC. Whether you’re trying the game for the first time or returning to the game after a long time, here are some tips and tricks that are sure to come in handy. 

Craft and upgrade Shivs 

Shivs are one of the most valuable items in The Last of Us. They can be used to perform silent takedowns, open shiv doors to obtain loot, and defend against clickers’ attacks. Therefore, players must make it a priority to craft Shivs. 

Unfortunately, the resources needed to craft these shivs are rare, and finding fully crafted Shivs in the game is equally hard. It doesn’t help that Shivs have low durability either, so upgrading the durability is a must. 

Always search the area thoroughly

It’s a no-brainer that one must rummage through levels in action-adventure games to obtain items. It’s crucial to do so in a game like The Last of Us.

As discussed above, you may find tools and parts vital for crafting items such as the Shiv. Perhaps you may find a medkit that will save your life in the future. You will never know what you’ll need later on. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for cabinets, side tables, drawers, etc. as they might contain training manuals that are critical for improving items and their usefulness. Also, be sure to check killed enemies as they usually drop some ammo. 

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Accessibility menu to make things convenient

The accessibility menu in The Last of Us has some very convenient features you can enable if you find certain aspects of the game tedious.

These range from combat to looting, including the ability to auto-lock onto enemies when you aim, auto-swap weapons when you run out of ammo, and even auto-pick-up items. 

One of the more important and game-changing ones is the enhanced vision mode which allows you to scan the environment and discover items and positions of adversaries. It’s a very useful feature for planning out and strategizing against enemies. 

Never throw away resources

Stocking up on resources should be a top priority, but not to the point where your inventory gets full and you are unable to pick up more.

In such situations, it’s a bad idea to leave behind resources. You can use the resources in your inventory and craft something you know you will need in the future like med kits or explosives to make space. 

Use the Bow to save ammo

Ammunition is quite hard to come by in The Last of Us. Getting into a massive shootout with big enemy groups can even leave you completely dry of ammo.

This is where the Bow comes in handy. Though it doesn’t have a very long range, it can be very deadly at times. There is also a chance for arrows to not break on impact and so they can be retrieved and used again. 

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