Top Troops: Adventure RPG tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Top Troops: Adventure RPG is a fantasy role playing game developed by Zynga (the makers of Farmville) for mobile.

The game has many exciting game modes that require you to strategize and battle against various enemies. Here are a few tips and tricks for beginners. 

Complete daily missions

If you’ve played Top Troops: Adventure RPG even a little bit, then you’ll know that missions are the best way to progress through the game.

However, out of the two main types (current missions and daily missions), the most valuable ones in terms of time required and rewards gained are the daily missions.

They often have easy tasks (as the developers know that you need to finish them within a day), but offer the most rewards, helping you progress through the game faster.

That said, do not ignore the other missions, though they may be harder, as they will give you gems for completing them, which can be used to summon new troops and buy special items.

Place your units strategically

As you may know, placing your troops on the battlefield is one of the core combat mechanics in Top Troops: Adventure RPG.

In fact, the placement of your troops is one of the most important things to take into account before going into battle.

This step is essential to the outcome of the battle, as each type of troop has its own advantages and disadvantages pertaining to its placement.

For the tanks to be fully effective, they must be placed at the forefront of your team, as they can absorb most of the attack dealt by the enemies and thus protect the rest of the team.

Damage dealers come next, as they need to be close enough to deal damage while also not being so close that they die quickly.

After that come the ranged troops and healers; the former are squishy and therefore must be as far away from the action as possible, while the latter have to be able to heal the rest of the team and hence need to be in a place where they can reach everyone.

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Know how factions work

Factions are another aspect of combat and overall gameplay in Top Troops: Adventure RPG.

There are five factions in total: Infernal, Divine, Hunter, Militia, and Wildling.

Each of these factions has different characters, and some of them have advantages over others.

The safest option to pick is the Infernal, as it has no advantage over other factions, and neither do the others over it.

Divine is another option, as it too has no weakness or advantage over other factions. However, Infernal has better characters overall compared to Divine.

The other three factions are where things get more tricky.

These are kind of like rock, paper, and scissors in that each of them has an advantage over the other, while another has an advantage over them.

The Hunter faction is strong against Wildling while being vulnerable against Militia.

Militia, in turn, is strong against Hunter but weak against Wildling.

Similarly, Wildling is weak to Hunter and strong against Militia.

Knowing this will allow you to select your faction according to the enemy’s and therefore give you an edge over them.

Other tips 

  • Having a balanced team is vital for winning in Top Troops
  • Spend Gems wisely.
  • Do not forget to complete Chambers of Destiny, Magic Island, and Tower of Fate. 

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