Travel Town tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Travel Town is a merger game developed by Magmatic Games for iOS and Android where your goal is to help your neighbors and rebuild the town.

The game will feel right at home for fans of the genre, but there are a few things that set it apart from the rest. 

So here are a few tips and tricks for those who are new to Travel Town.

Organize the board

In the early stages of Travel Town, you will have a lot of empty space which you can use freely without having to worry too much about saving space.

However, you will notice that the free space you have will keep reducing as you progress through the game, and eventually, you will reach a point where your board is filled with objects. 

In such situations, organizing the objects in an orderly manner will help you save a lot of space and thus prevent confusion and mistakes from happening. 

Additionally, you can also combine/gather all of the same items on the board to save space. 

Create complicated objects first

Often times in Travel Town, you will receive orders that require you to create more than one object.

In such situations, always make sure to create the more complicated ones first, as it will allow you to use more of the space.

Since you can’t deliver orders one object at a time, you will have to keep whatever objects you create on the board.

This will reduce the free space by that much more, making it more challenging to create complicated objects.

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Participate in events

There are two kinds of special events in Travel Town: Daily Challenges and Wildlife Sanctuaries.

The former is your standard daily event system, which you have come to expect from mobile games, and it functions no differently.

There is a time limit before which you will have to complete the order (daily challenge) to obtain rewards.

The latter is a unique event that is quite different from the main game.

While gameplay-wise, you will be doing pretty much the same things as in the main game, here you will be able to clear out forests and rescue tigers.

However, there is a time limit tied to this, beyond which you won’t be able to return, so make sure to sell all the excess items you have towards the end of the timer.

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