Until Dawn remake: Everything we know about the game

Nearly a decade after its initial release, 2015’s Until Dawn, a genre-defining horror experience, is making a grand comeback, rebuilt and enhanced for PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PC.

This new version promises to leverage modern technology to deliver an updated experience while retaining the core elements that made the original game a beloved classic among horror enthusiasts.

Here’s everything we know about it so far.

Development and enhancements

The enhanced version of Until Dawn is being developed by Ballistic Moon, taking over from the original creator, Supermassive Games.

The game is being completely recreated in Unreal Engine 5, introducing significant improvements across all aspects, from visuals and audio to gameplay mechanics​​.

This remake aims to add more emotional depth, a completely new soundscape, and upgraded characters, environments, and visual effects to deliver a cinematic horror experience like never before​​​​.

One of the key features of the remake is the introduction of a new third-person camera mode, allowing players to explore Blackwood Mountain with new interactions and collectibles.

This change is designed to bring a fresh perspective to the game, making the story more nuanced and emotional​​.

Additionally, the sound has been overhauled with a new score by legendary horror composer Mark Korven, promising to enhance the atmospheric tension that fans expect from a top-tier horror experience.

Gameplay and features

Until Dawn offers players control over nine unique characters, with the fate of each hanging on the player’s choices.

This mechanic is preserved in the enhanced version, now complemented by dynamic animations, nuanced facial-capture performances, and refined gameplay mechanics.

The game also introduces new collectibles, all-new environments, and re-cut narrative sequences to deepen the mystery further​​.

PlayStation 5-specific features include ultra high-speed SSD for seamless transitions, adaptive triggers, Tempest 3D AudioTech, and stunning visuals utilizing Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities for realistic lighting and ray-traced character shadows.

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For the uninitiated, Until Dawn transports players to a remote mountain retreat, Blackwood Pines.

A group of eight friends gathers here to commemorate the anniversary of a tragic incident: the disappearance of two members of their group, twin sisters, one year prior.

As the night unfolds, the group finds themselves in a nightmare scenario, hunted by a mysterious and malevolent presence within the snow-covered landscape.

The gameplay is heavily driven by player choice, with the narrative branching into multiple paths based on decisions made throughout the game.

These choices impact relationships between characters, who lives and who dies, and how the story ultimately concludes.

The game utilizes a mechanic called the “Butterfly Effect” to emphasize the impact of choices, with even seemingly minor decisions potentially having far-reaching consequences on the story’s outcome.


Until Dawn features a stellar cast including Rami Malek, Hayden Panettiere, Peter Stormare, Meaghan Martin, and Brett Dalton, among others.

Reception and discussion

While the announcement of the remake has excited many fans eager to revisit the chilling story with modern enhancements, it has also sparked a debate among gamers.

Some question the necessity of remaking a game that still holds up well visually and gameplay-wise, suggesting that other older titles might have benefited more from a remake.

Despite these discussions, the anticipation for the enhanced version of the game remains high among horror game enthusiasts​​.

With the game also inspiring a film adaptation, the legacy of Until Dawn continues to expand.

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