Visions of Mana: Everything we know about the game

Visions of Mana is the latest addition to the esteemed Mana series, marking the first mainline entry in over 15 years.

Developed by Square Enix, the game is poised for release in 2024, reigniting the beloved action-RPG franchise with a fresh narrative and immersive gameplay.

Game overview

Visions of Mana follows the story of Val, a soul guard from Tianeea, the Fire Village.

The game is set around the ritual of the Faerie’s visit, which occurs every four years to select individuals called “alms” for a pivotal journey to the Tree of Mana.

This Tree is central to the world’s flow of mana power.

Val’s childhood friend is chosen as the Alm of Fire, and Val becomes her guardian for the journey, leading them into an adventure filled with diverse environments and challenges.


Returning to its action-RPG roots, Visions of Mana is expected to offer vibrant and expansive adventures across semi-open fields.

The game will incorporate real-time combat and allows players to engage with various enemies, including some fan favorites from the series.

Players will navigate through different environments, from quaint villages to snow-capped mountains, employing various abilities to overcome obstacles and enemies.

Development team

Visions of Mana benefits from the expertise of several veterans from the previous Mana games.

Producer Masaru Oyamada, along with renowned composers Hiroki Kikuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito, and Ryo Yamazaki, contribute to the game’s development.

The game will also feature new designs for beloved creatures by Mana series illustrator Airi Yoshioka.

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The game will be available on various platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and Steam.

This wide release ensures that a broad audience can enjoy the latest installment in the Mana series.

Release and anticipation

Though a specific release date within 2024 has not been confirmed, the anticipation for Visions of Mana is high, with fans and newcomers alike eager to dive into this new chapter of the saga.

The game’s announcement at The Game Awards 2023 and the subsequent reveal of details have sparked considerable interest in the gaming community.

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