Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to get all Attache Cases?

Capcom has made quite a few changes from the original game in Resident Evil 4 Remake, which is now out. One of the biggest ones is the Attache Cases. This time around, Attache Cases offer useful perks to the player. This guide will show you how to obtain each of the Attache Cases along with their bonuses. 

How to unlock new Attache Cases?

The merchant will sell you a bunch of useful items including weapons and Attache Cases for Spinel. To earn Spinel you will have to complete the blue note requests for the merchant.

The objectives for these requests can vary from having to kill a number of rats to hunting a Plagas-infected dog. 

There are five available Attache Cases in the game. Two of them are unfortunately behind a paywall; one requires you to own the deluxe or collector’s edition while the other is a pre-order bonus.

The other three (technically two) however don’t require you to open your wallet and can be bought with the aforementioned Spinel. 

Silver Attache Case 

The Silver Attache Case is what you start out with, in the game and is therefore free. It’s a good case to have, especially if you plan on using pistols as your primary weapon your entire playthrough as the perk for this Attache Case offers an increased drop rate for handgun ammo. 

Black Attache Case

The black Attache Case will be available for purchase from the merchant from Chapter 4. It will cost you 8 Spinel to buy, so complete those blue note requests. 

The Black Attache Case offers an increase in drop rate for resources (L), which is very useful as it will help you in crafting lots of valuable items including Rifle ammo, SMG ammo, Flash Grenades, Thrower Bolts, etc.

It’s probably the best option for most levels in the game for this very reason. 

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Leather Attache Case

Available for purchase from Chapter 8, the Leather Attache Case costs a whole 12 Spinel to buy. Equipping this case will give you a boost in the drop rate of red herbs which can be combined with green herbs to restore a massive amount of your health.

While this may seem like an absolute must-have at first, it will probably not be all that useful as you can get a whole lot of them by simply going to the indicated locations on the map where they can be found. 

Gold Attache Case

Sadly the Gold Attache Case cannot be bought in the game for Spinels but instead can be bought for real-world currency. Only players who own the Deluxe edition or the Collector’s edition will have access to this one. 

The Gold Attache Case offers a very convenient perk that increases the drop rate of Pesetas, the main currency in Resident Evil 4 Remake. This perk will allow players to buy weapons and other items much sooner than those who do not have added to this case. 

Classic Attache Case

While you can still obtain the Gold Attache Case, the Classic Attache Case is only available for those who pre-ordered the game. The perk offered by this one increases the drop rate of Gunpowder, which is a resource required to craft any type of ammo including grenades. It’s obvious how advantageous this perk is.

If you couldn’t or chose not to pre-order the Resident Evil 4 Remake and now are wishing you should’ve, worry not as it is likely Capcom will bring this case as a DLC at some point in the future as they did with the preorder bonuses of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes.

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